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"We Built Smiles" on every face who are connected with "OZON" products. Presenting “OZON” brand from “TOZON PRODUCTS & SOLUTIONS PVT. LTD.”. In 2010 a safe and easy cooking tour for "Service Club" began with brand “OZON”. The idea was to develop more adaptable cooking mediums. "Service Club" is an inspiration from the needs of smart home buyers of modern home appliances. Accepting the fact that quality and services are only two parameters for brand acceptance in the market, "OZON" is the answer to market mobility. OZON PRODUCTS & SOLUTIONS PVT. LTD. build the best technology that provides a complete range of kitchen appliances under Indian conditions, Our aim is to set up a clear pitch with technical innovations in all categories. The aim of TOZON PRODUCTS & SOLUTIONS PVT. LTD. is to "Empowering the Lifestyle" and has the vision to provide the world with its latest and unique cooking equipments and technologies, in order to enjoy the kitchen life with ease and style. We not only want to collect the trust of our customers but also want to collect their love for our unique services and better quality products. The main operational terms in “OZON” are professional excellence and integrity. In essence, the designs of designing and developing the products are primarily in consumer leadership and are supported by unbearable support of continuous research and development. Our products are a perfect combination of aesthetics and performance. Guaranteed for long and trouble-free use, OZON comes in the form of home happiness.